School Messenger is the phone and text messaging system BCHS uses to contact parents for urgent announcements, such as school closings due to weather.

The school uses the phone numbers parents have listed in PowerSchool to send phone and text alerts through the system.


How do I opt in to receive text messages?
Send a text with 'Y' (for yes) from the device to 67587.

Does my opt-in carry over each year?
Yes. If you haven't changed your phone number in PowerSchool, your opt-in carries over to the next school year.

I've changed my phone number. Do I need to opt in again?
Yes. If your phone number listed in PowerSchool has changed, you'll need to opt in with the new phone number.

How will I know if it worked?
After you text, the system will always respond back with a message saying you are registered.

I opted in but am not receiving messages.

  • Ensure BCHS has the correct device number in PowerSchool. It may take 24 hours for this number to be active after being changed or added to PowerSchool.
  • Send a text with 'Y' (for yes) from the device to 67587. You should receive a response from the service.
  • If you want to receive texts on multiple devices, each device number must go through the opt-in procedure.
  • Confirm that BCHS actually sent a SchoolMessenger broadcast.

What does it mean if I texted 'Y' to 67587 and receive an error message back?
It you received a message such as 'service access denied', 'message failed', 'shortcode expired or blocked', 'does not participate', it most likely means that short code text messaging is not enabled on your wireless subscription plan. Contact your wireless provider and ask them to enable short code SMS texting.

How can I opt out of TEXT messages?
If you've opted in, but change your mind, simply text 'STOP' to 68453 at any time or opt out online at You can also contact Ben Reilly ( to ask to opt out. Please include the specific number you want removed.

Will I be charged for text messages from School Messenger?
School Messenger doesn't charge you, but wireless providers may, depending on your wireless plan.

How can I opt out of PHONE VOICE messages?
At any time, while listening to a recorded phone message sent through SchoolMessenger, you can press "5" on your phone to start the opt-out process. After pressing 5, you will be asked to press "1" to confirm you no longer wish to receive any recorded messages on that phone through your SchoolMessenger account.
Read document about opting out
Your opt out request needs to be processed by BCHS, so it is not instantaneous. It applies only to the phone number that submits the request.

For further information, contact Ben Reilly at or 317-251-1451, ext. 2279.

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