Achievement Awards

Our annual Achievement Awards celebrate the generosity, kindness and support that surrounds and blesses Bishop Chatard High School. Nominations of those that epitomize the Catholic mission and values of Bishop Chatard are submitted by the BCHS community in the following categories: Alumni, Community and Volunteer.

2017 Achievement Award Ceremony

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017

During the Annual Fund Dinner

Bishop Chatard High School invites you to be our guest as we celebrate those that exemplify the mission and values of our school! Please join us as we honor our 2017 Achievement Award recipients.

  • Community Award: Printing Partners
  • Volunteer Award: Steve & Therese Hartley
  • Alumni Award: Mary Marsh
  • Faculty/Staff Award: Jamie Marx
  • President's Tribute: Will Kuhn

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The vision of life and the values we try to teach and model at Bishop Chatard are not encased in books. They are modeled in the lives of Bishop Chatard administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. They are also visible in the lives of many people who may not even have direct contact with Bishop Chatard High School.

National Excellence Award
National School of Excellence

2015/16 A School
2014/15 4-Star School

Indiana Dept. of Education


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