Join us for 24 hours of Prayer: April 30

We know that during this current health crisis, many families are facing challenges from many directions – fighting the disease itself or caring for a family member with the virus, perhaps even losing a loved one to the disease; struggling to work from home while young children are e-Learning in the next room (or the same room!); facing financial difficulties as businesses cut employee hours or shut down entirely; or dealing with mental health issues of depression, anxiety, fear and isolation.

We can feel helpless at times and wonder what we can do to help not only ourselves, but others as well.
The one constant in times of chaos and uncertainty is PRAYER .

To that point, the Bishop Chatard Campus Ministry office is sponsoring “24 Hours of Prayer” for the Bishop Chatard community – including current BCHS families, incoming freshmen families, and the families of BCHS faculty and staff.

The date of our “24 Hours of Prayer” is April 30 . The entire day has been broken up in 30-minute time slots. We are inviting individuals or families to sign up for one or more 30-minute slots. When you sign up, you will be sent (via email) a list of 15-20 family names to pray for during that time. How you pray is up to you. Hold the families in your heart as you pray the Rosary, participate in virtual Adoration while reading through the family names repeatedly — feel free to make it your own.

Join our 24 hours of prayer

We always pray for the Bishop Chatard community as a whole and will continue to do so. However, via our “24 Hours of Prayer,” every family currently at Bishop Chatard High School will be prayed for by name.

Our hope is that the event will bring a sense of peace to our community. We are in this together and must continue to pray for and with one another.

I hope you will consider participating by clicking on the blue button below and selecting one or more time slots to offer prayer for others in our community. We look forward to the time we can all pray together once again. May God bless you!

The Campus Ministry team,
Deacon Rick, Steven Patzke, and Cathy Dolan

April 27 update

On April 24, we started with 30-minute blocks, hoping to get 48 volunteers to full those timeslots.

In just 45 minutes, the slots were filled – so we added 48 more slots and those were filled within two hours. So, we added more and those again almost filled up — so we just added more.

Thank you to all the individuals or families praying for others in our community. What a beautiful outpouring of solidarity!

RT @LukeRoom210 Wooohooo! The yearbooks are in. So very proud of the design and photography staffs that made this book happen. We can’t wait for everyone to get a copy.

About 4 days ago