Bishop Chatard High School uses a college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced “score”).

This online career and college exploration program is designed to break down the college admissions and exploration process into manageable steps that will help you evaluate important questions such as “Can I get in?, Will I fit in?, and Can I afford it?” one step, one day at a time. It’s very helpful for students and parents during the college search and selection process.

Go To Scoir

Students should have the Scoir App on their iPads so they are able to receive communications from the system – our email settings prevent communications from Scoir otherwise. After a student is registered in the system, click on the Google icon on the Scoir login page, to login with your BCHS Google account.

For Students

  • Sign up for virtual college rep visits under Calendar starting in August and September
  • Explore colleges under the Colleges tab. Colleges come to life through pictures, videos and links that highlight active student clubs and organizations. If you are interested in the college, “follow” them so you can get updates.
  • Students can better identify colleges that are a good fit with their personal and academic interests, which increases college retention
  • Scoir Profile can include career assessment results, extracurricular activities, college preferences, etc.
  • Request letters of recommendation from teachers, who will then be able to see your Scoir Profile
  • Invite you parents to view the software
    How to invite parents/Guardians to access the SCOIR software.
Students should still use the Common Application to apply to colleges. Scoir is used to send documents to colleges and universities and also as an exploration page, but we do not recommend using the application feature at this time. — Updated April 2023

For Parents

  • Ask your student to invite you to the SCOIR software (Directions)
  • Parents can access useful financial calculators to determine the likely cost of attendance at different colleges and consider the affordability when deciding where to apply.
  • Compare and contrast different college profiles

For Everyone

  • Convenient scheduling and communication tools will keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the college application process.
  • Streamlines requesting, processing, sending and tracking the electronic delivery of all college application-related documents