Cardboard City: October 23 – 24


Please pray for all participants in Cardboard City, Bishop Chatard’s bi-annual overnight homelessness simulation. Cardboard City raises awareness about the needs of our state’s homeless population.

What is Cardboard City?

The experience begins on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. and ends at the end of the school day, Wednesday, Oct. 24. Registration for this event is now closed.

If you would like to donate items to help the homeless, we are accepting new sock, underwear/men’s and women’s, hats and gloves. Donations accepted in the Campus Ministry Office.

Why Cardboard City?
At Bishop Chatard, one of our pillars is serving. In the past years, we have increased our awareness of homelessness and people in need right here in Indianapolis.

When students and staff participate in Cardboard City our eyes and hearts are opened wide. This homeless simulation (which is only one night) makes all of us more aware that people live like this everyday. Our program is not only a simulation but also an act of charity.

Cardboard City is a vehicle for spreading the word about homelessness and the real problem that is happening right in our backyard. It also provides a way for us to give back and provide for the homeless population of Indianapolis through drives and collections.

To begin the event, BCHS is hosting a Homelessness Discussion Panel that morning, Oct. 23, from 10:15-11:25 a.m.

Read about the Homelessness Panel

1 Corinthians 12:12-26 One Body, Many Parts
12 As a body is one though it has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though many, are one body, so also Christ.
13 For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free persons, and we were all given to drink of one Spirit.
14 Now the body is not a single part, but many.
15 If a foot should say, “Because I am not a hand I do not belong to the body,” it does not for this reason belong any less to the body.
16 Or if an ear should say, “Because I am not an eye I do not belong to the body,” it does not for this reason belong any less to the body.
17 If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole body were hearing, where would the sense of smell be?
18 But as it is, God placed the parts, each one of them, in the body as he intended.
19 If they were all one part, where would the body be?
20 But as it is, there are many parts, yet one body.
21The eye cannot say to the hand, “I do not need you,” nor again the head to the feet, “I do not need you.”
22 Indeed, the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are all the more necessary,
23 and those parts of the body that we consider less honorable we surround with greater honor, and our less presentable parts are treated with greater propriety,
24 whereas our more presentable parts do not need this. But God has so constructed the body as to give greater honor to a part that is without it,
25 so that there may be no division in the body, but that the parts may have the same concern for one another.
26 If [one] part suffers, all the parts suffer with it; if one part is honored, all the parts share its joy.

Bishop Chatard High School is proud to celebrate the Commencement of its Class of 2019 today at 2:30 p.m. May God Bless & Protect the @BishopChatardHS Class of 2019. #trojansforlife