CYO Summer Camps for teens and tweens

Meet new friends – Experience adventure – Grow your leadership/counseling skills. Camp Programs at CYO CAMP Rancho Framasa has all that and more!

Junior Counselor (Ages 16-18) – 6 Days / Cabin Camping / 5 Sessions Available – Junior Counselors get hands-on experience working alongside our summer staff to help campers have the best week ever. Great resume-builder and fun way to build professional experience!

Ethete Camp (Ages 15-18) – 6 Days / Cabin Camping / 1 Session Available – Ethete campers grow leadership and team-building skills while volunteering and participating in traditional camp activities.

Adventure Camp (Ages 13-15) – 6 Days / Tent Camping / 8 Sessions Available – Adventure Campers hang out in a co-ed group with their peers and counselors while adventuring through Brown and Monroe Counties on kayaks, sail boats, through a cave, and on a pontoon! Adventure Campers camp as a group in individual tents and cook many of their own meals together.

Explore Camp (Ages 12-14) – 6 Days / Cabin Camping / 3 Girl Sessions Available & 2 Boy Sessions Available – Explore Campers experience the highlights of Traditional camp while taking two trips away from camp to explore a state park, geocache, kayak, and paddleboard. Explore sleeps out under the stars one night at camp!

Mustang Camp (Ages 12-14) – 6 Days / Cabin Camping / 1 Girls Session Available – For the camper that loves camp and horses! Based in natural horsemanship methods and provides plenty of saddle time and lessons in grooming, tack care, and general horse care. Mustang campers also participate in many Traditional camp activities.


RT @BCHS_Principal This past Saturday, Sarah Semon competed in the Indiana State School Music Association State-level Solo and Ensemble Festival at Perry Meridian High School, and achieved a near-perfect, Gold Rating on her soprano solo! Congratulations Sarah!

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