Your Goal: No missing assignments in Q1

Quarter 1 ends on Oct. 1, 2021! Grades for the quarter are 40% of your semester grade — what colleges see on your transcript. Set a goal of no missing assignments for the quarter!

  • CHECK POWER SCHOOL – tap the grade in each class to see details, and make a list of anything marked “Missing.” Get as many of these done each day as you possibly can. Notify your teacher each time you submit a late assignment.
  • ASK YOUR TEACHER FOR HELP if you don’t understand something. Your teachers want you to do well! Don’t feel bad about asking for help.
  • CHECK THE SCHOOL COUNSELING COURSE for resources such as the “Rose Hulman Homework Hotline” – free math and science tutoring!
  • ATTEND STUDY TABLES Monday – Thursday after school in room 207 and Monday mornings starting at 7:30 in the ARC.
  • SEE A MATH TEACHER FOR FREE TUTORING in any math class after school Monday – Thursday room 207.
  • SEE YOUR COUNSELOR who can help you figure out next steps.

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