Trojan College Counseling Video Series

View the latest videos in Mrs. Nixon’s Series – (#15) How to start planning for college – For Freshmen!

Episode #1

View the introductory episode of the Trojan College Counseling Video Series with BCHS College Counselor Mrs. Nixon.

Episode #2

The second episode in this series introduces SCOIR and how it helps students to recognize their career interests and aptitudes.


Episode #3

This episode provides general information about applications for merit-based scholarships through colleges, as well as FAFSA.

Episode #4

This video answers the questions: When and how should I submit my application?


Episode #5

Do you have questions about conducting virtual college visits? Mrs. Nixon interviews admissions expert, Aimee Scheuermann, from Hanover College.

Episode #6

This video covers transcripts, dual credit transcripts, recommendations and applications, using SCOIR to help select a college and the importance of FAFSA.


Episode #7

In this episode, Mrs. Nixon interviews Ariel Moore, from the University of Louisville, with tips to consider when thinking about the location of a college you may attend.

Episode #8

Mrs. Nixon provides helpful hints to get students started on their FAFSA applications. FAFSA applications open Oct. 1, 2020.

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Episode #9

Mrs. Nixon interviews Lindsey Speer, from the Ball State University on the importance of Freshman and Sophomore year studies.

Episode #10

Mrs. Nixon explains the importance of college fairs, even in a virtual world, and the unique language associated with college admissions.


Episode #11

Celebrate – You’ve been admitted! Mrs. Nixon interviews Whitney Ramsay, from the Butler University, on the next steps.

Episode #12

Mrs. Nixon explains using personality assessments to discover your strengths and interests, always important when considering a career.


Episode #13

Mrs. Nixon shares her observations on the top things that colleges look for and trends that she sees in their application evaluation.

Episode #14

Mrs. Nixon shares her tips on submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Episode #15

Hear what you can do as a Freshman to start planning for college