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Institute for Quality Education Donations

Bishop Chatard High School is proud to partner with the Institute for Quality Education, a scholarship granting organization (SGO), which allows donors to support private education through tuition assistance AND receive a substantial Indiana state tax savings of 50% of the donation (in addition to a Federal tax deduction).

How does it work?

Institute for Quality Education Instead of donating directly to the school, you give a gift to the Institute for Quality Education (IQE), designating Bishop Chatard High School as the beneficiary.

IQE distributes the money to Bishop Chatard, to be used for tuition assistance for our qualifying families at BCHS.

Donors who are Indiana residents will earn a 50% state tax credit on gifts made through IQE as long as those gifts are received before the tax credits run out.

IMPORTANT TAX CREDIT STATUS: On July 1, 2017, $12.5 million in tax credit dollars were made available to Hoosier taxpayers. Donations made after these funds are depleted do not receive the tax credit, so we encourage you to donate early. Last year, credits were depleted by December.

Check total remaining tax credits here

In addition to the IN tax credit, your donation is eligible for existing federal tax deductions. Depending on your personal circumstances, this can result in substantial tax savings, greatly reducing the actual cost of your contribution. Always consult your tax advisor for details.

Watch our video here

For further information, visit the Institute for Quality Education website.

How do I donate?

  • Donate online, designating Bishop Chatard as the recipient school.
  • Mail your donation to Bishop Chatard.
    1. Download the donation form and complete.
    2. Mail to:
      • Bishop Chatard High School
      • Attn: Development Office
      • 5885 Crittenden Ave
      • Indianapolis, IN 46220
    3. We record the donation and then send it to IQE.


Don't wait until the spring to donate to an SGO. Early donation (beginning July 1) will insure state funds will be available for your credit.

Why? Once funds the state has set aside for the credits are exhausted, the credits are no longer issued to the donor. For '14/'15, the $7.5M credit cap was reached on June 9, 2015. For '15/'16, the cap of $8.5M was reached on Feb. 9, 2016. For '16/'17, credits are increased to $9.5M. Predictions indicate they could run out by November 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate stocks, bonds, real estate or other commodities?
Yes. Please contact Liz Hoffman,, 317-251-1451, Ext. 2275 and she will help you with your donation of these items.
Will my company match my SGO gift?
Yes, in most cases. The only exception we are aware of is Eli Lilly. Lilly does NOT match donations to an SGO.

Search to see if your employer has a matching gifts program, with submission instructions

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. Either online or use the donation form
Are SGOs and vouchers the same thing?
No. Vouchers (officially known as 'School Choice Scholarships') are funded by state tax distributions. SGOs are funded by charitable donations. Family incomes must fall below 150% of the federal free and reduced lunch maximums in order to qualify for a voucher. For SGOs, income must fall below 200% of the Federal free and reduced lunch levels.
What is the difference between a 'tax credit' and a 'tax deduction'?
A tax deduction can be removed from your taxable income. A tax credit directly reduces the amount of tax you owe.
Can I direct my gift to a particular student?
Unfortunately no. The tax incentives are not valid if a gift is designated to a specific student.

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