Tutoring and Coursework Assistance

Bishop Chatard offers a variety of programs and services to assist students who would benefit from tutoring or one-on-one time with a teacher. For more information, students are encouraged to look at the options detailed on this page or talk with a school counselor.


Online Library Database – myiLibrary.org

myILibrary Icon

This online reference website, funded by the Indianapolis Foundation, has been available to BCHS students for several years and remains a great resource for student research. Visit www.myilibrary.org/Chatard/ to view this site. You will need a BCHS password to login to this.
Students: Add a permanent icon to this website on your iPad home screen for quick access to this valuable collection of research databases.
(To access the databases via a Marion County library card, go to Home Access.)


Online and at the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC)

BCHS Electronic Card Catalog & e-Books

Destiny Quest Icon

BCHS students can access an electronic card catalog of all the BCHS Collaborative Learning Center books via a new app on their iPads called Destiny Quest. Catalog searches and ‘hold requests’ can be made via the app. Books on hold can then be picked up at the CLC. Search results (excluding searches for novels) also may include links to pertinent websites, along with books currently in the CLC. The quality of the website links is routinely screened by the Follett Library System.
When not using their iPad, searches can be made via this url: bishopchatardlibrary.follettdestiny.com

The student’s personal login will be needed to place a hold on an item.


Online through the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC)

e-Books at the Center

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Students can also check out any of the center’s over 150 electronic books through the same Destiny Quest app and read them via their Follett’s Reader app on the iPad. Books can also be downloaded for offline reading. Although checkout length may vary by book, in general they can be checked out for five days, after which they will disappear from the reader app. eBooks can also be checked out via PCs or Macs using the url above and can be read on those devices.

For your iPhone or iPod touch: Download the new Follett Digital Reader TextFlow app to your iPhone or iPod touch. Through this app, you can read offline or read on another device, and the eBook will automatically return on its due date.
Before School

Zero Period

Zero Period occurs in the Bishop Chatard class schedule Tuesday through Friday from 7:20 – 7:50 a.m. All teachers will be in their classrooms during this pre-school day class period and available to help students.

How does zero period work?

Students are encouraged to take the initiative to reach out to get the academic help they need. Zero Period is a good time to accomplish this. Students are asked to alert a teacher if they are planning to come in for help rather than just drop in. This will assist a teacher who has arranged to work with a student or group of students that morning to make accommodations to assist all students.

Some teachers will use the Zero Period to offer optional study sessions before a test or to re-teach material students are having difficulty understanding. A teacher may occasionally require a student to come to school during Zero Period.


  • An AP teacher who is limited on instructional time and needs extra time in preparing students for the AP test.
  • If a student is in danger of failing, or is struggling with a particular class, a teacher may require him or her to come for extra help or to make up work.
  • A music teacher may need extra time with students to prepare for a performance.

Zero Period is available four days each week. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this extra time with teachers.

Before and After School

Study Tables

All students are welcome to attend Study Tables Monday mornings from 7:30 to 8:40 a.m. in the ARC, and after school Monday through Thursday from 3:20 to 4:30 p.m. in Room 205. Study Tables provide a quiet space where students can spend time completing coursework.

Students who do not maintain a 2.0 grade point average or who do not complete their assignments may be required to attend study tables. Failure to attend an assigned study table will result in further consequences such as a Friday Night School or loss of athletic eligibility.

During Every Homeroom

National Honor Society Tutoring

National Honor Society Tutoring LogoBCHS National Honor Society members will be available EVERY DAY that homeroom takes place for assistance with school work.

How to take advantage of this

  1. Make the excellent decision that you want to meet with a NHS tutor for help during homeroom.
  2. Go to room 305 during homeroom and be there before the bell rings for attendance – or – Come with a pass from your homeroom teacher.
  3. Meet with your NHS tutor for the entire homeroom period – bring plenty of work.
  4. When the bell rings, thank your NHS tutor & pat yourself on the back for investing in your academic success!

Questions? See Mrs. Nixon in the Counseling office, room 213.

For the 8th consecutive year, @BishopChatardHS has received an 'A' letter grade from the Indiana Dept. of Education! Thank you to the teachers, students, staff, parents and all in the BC community who support the important work happening each day at BCHS! @BCHS_Principal