Welcome Class of 2024

Class of 2024 Your Ongoing To-Do List

  • Be sure you've scheduled your student meeting with Mrs. Saurine between now and Fall Break!
  • Pay attention to the Nov. 1 deadline for applications, scholarships and admission.
  • Update your “my colleges” tab in Scoir as you apply. Remember, the Common App is your actual application but SCOIR is how you communicate with Mrs. Saurine!
  • Attend the BCHS Common App & College Support Night: Sept. 24 (see details below)
  • View list of IN Colleges that waive application fees during Collège Go Week: Sept. 25-29


  • Look at your college's website for admission requirements to make sure you aren’t missing anything.
  • Be sure you are checking in with your parent(s) about applications and consider adding them as a parent on your Scoir account so they can see application checklists too.
  • September is a good time to start looking at scholarships.
  • Continue to signup for College Reps visits at BCHS. See the list and signup in SCOIR.
Seniors: be sure to complete these items in August.
  1. Create a Common Application Account and add Mrs. Saurine as your counselor
  2. Complete the FERPA Waiver in Scoir and Common App
  3. Complete the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) survey in Scoir and request your teacher Letter of Recommendation in Scoir
  4. Look at the College Rep Calendar in Scoir and sign up for visits you are interested in

September Action Items

View College Application FAQs

Update your 'My Colleges' Tab in SCOIR Update your “my colleges” tab in Scoir as you apply. Remember, the Common App is your actual application but Scoir is how you communicate with Mrs. Saurine! It can take up to 14 days for our office to get confirmation that your documents (transcripts, letters, etc.) were received by the college. So, please have your Scoir “my colleges” tab updated with schools you are applying to. You need to indicate which schools you are actively “applying” to and which schools you have already “applied” to in Scoir. If you do not indicate in Scoir that you are applying to a college (through the Common App or otherwise), I will not know where to send your documents. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! See Mrs. Saurine with questions.

Letters of Recommendation Be sure teachers have everything they need to write you a letter. Additionally, if you have not requested letters of recommendation (LOR) yet from teachers and/or you haven’t completed your LOR survey in Scoir, you need to do that ASAP!

What to do about test scores? Decide what you want to do about Test Scores. If you want your SAT and/or ACT scores to be considered for admission, be sure that they were sent through College Board or your ACT account! You can also self-report if the college allows you to. Just because you indicate on your application that you want them considered for admission, does not mean the school has the scores. Call the admissions office if you are unsure if they have your most recent scores. If you are applying test-optional, you will be asked to indicate that on your applications.

Indicate your action pathway on applications and SCOIR Indicate your application pathway on applications and in Scoir. Remember, Early ACTION is a non-binding application pathway and what we recommend. If you are applying Early Decision, that is a binding contract. Please see me before you decide to apply Early Decision because there is a contract to sign. November 1 is the most important deadline and takes priority over FAFSA, test scores, etc.

Sign Your FERPA Waiver in Scoir: This is on your profile page.

Take advantage of College GO Week (Sept. 25-29) Some schools in Indiana waive their application fee during College Go week September 25-29. Consider sending in applications that week if you are ready. If not, you have time! It is most important your application reflects who you are, your goals and your accomplishments.

Coming up in September

College Essay & Application Tips from Wabash College: Sept. 18

September 18, 2023, Wabash admissions personnel will be at BCHS to talk about finalizing college essays and some final tips before submissions. This is open to all students. You can sign up in Scoir!

BCHS Common App and College Support Night: Sept. 24 (Sunday)

Come to the cafeteria from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. for help from the BCHS Counseling office with applications. Drop-in as you are able, you do not need to be there the whole time. Students and parents welcome.

College Financial Aid Night: Oct. 10 (Tues)

Parents are invited to this presentation, held on progress report night, to talk about the FAFSA and other financial aid opportunities. More information to come! FAFSA opens in December 2023.
  • Follow @BCHSCollegeCounselor on 'X' (Twitter) for updates or Instagram at @BCHSCollege
  • Check the the College & Career Roadmap on the BCHS website for a timeline of college/career items
  • Update your 'my colleges' tab in SCOIR as you apply to schools
  • Email with any questions!
Visit the College & Career Roadmap
Students should observe modesty when dressing up for Senior Masses (that take place during the school day), including Grandparents Mass. The following guidelines are posted:

  • Shirt and tie, collared shirt, polo shirt or sweater (no t-shirts) are acceptable. Students who choose to wear a shirt and tie must wear their shirt tucked-in and a belt.
  • Dress pants or khakis are appropriate. Pants should not have holes or rips. Jeans are not
  • Dress shoes are preferred


  • Shirts or sweaters must not be sheer, low-cut or form-fitting. Please do not expose bare
  • Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee.
  • Colored jeans (not denim blue) with no holes or rips are acceptable, but must be worn with a modest length shirt. Yoga pants are not acceptable.
  • Low-heeled shoes are suggested
  • View Living Rosary Dress Code
  • View Graduation Dress Code

If you are in doubt about what is appropriate or acceptable, please consult with an administrator or a teacher before Mass. Students who do not follow this outline run the risk of losing future dress up privileges. Administration will be holding separate meetings for senior girls and senior boys to discuss expectations.

Meningococcal Vaccine Requirements for Seniors

Timely attention to senior vaccines is important, especially the Meningococcal vaccines. There are 2 different meningococcal vaccines (MCV4 and Meningococcal B).

  • Students are REQUIRED to have the 2 MCV4 vaccines (Meningococcal) vaccine prior to the start of his/her Senior year at BCHS. Please Note: individuals who receive dose 1 on or after the 16th birthday only need 1 dose of MCV4, per the Indiana State guidelines.
  • Meningococcal B vaccinations are “recommended” for Senior year, however most colleges and universities require the 2 shot series prior to admission.
  • Proof of immunization records may be faxed to 317-251-3648 or emailed to the school nurses, via
  • Further immunization information can be found on the Parent page>>Resources tab

List of required vaccinations from

  • Visit your school counselor often to keep her up-to-date with your plans.
  • Check our College and Career Roadmap webpage and the websites of those colleges that interest you throughout the year for information on deadlines, scholarship opportunities, visit days, open houses, etc.
  • Complete all scholarship and college applications online and in a timely manner. Allow 10 full working days for processing of e-Transcripts, Electronic Secondary School Reports (ESSR) and recommendations.
  • Know your deadlines and be courteous! Always request letters of recommendation from teachers in advance, at least 10 full working days.
  • Bring documentation of scholarships and college acceptances to the School Counseling office for publication
  • Visit the School Counseling Office for helpful information on colleges, majors, careers and college reps visits to BCHS.
  • Read every BCHS Weekly Parent Newsletter.
  • Visit this senior page often for up-to-date BCHS information for your senior student. Visit the the College & Career Roadmap for action plans throughout the year.
  • Ask your child to add you on Scoir so that you receive scholarship notifications, communications from the college counselor and college visit notifications
  • Remind your senior of approaching deadlines. Help your student keep track of college and scholarship applications. Do not complete applications for them.
  • Provide credit card information, if needed, for online applications
  • Encourage your senior to write ‘thank you’ notes to teachers who provide recommendations
  • Remind your senior to bring documentation of scholarships and college acceptances to the guidance office.
  • Provide advice and direction on post-secondary options.
  • Post and update information on college reps visits, colleges, scholarships, and deadlines on the College & Career Roadmap and the School Counseling area
  • Process transcripts, ESSR (Electronic Secondary School Report), and letters of recommendation when requested by the student. Process within 10 full working days.
  • Post all scholarship and college acceptance information at the end of each grading period.
Abbey Saurine Abbey Saurine

Go to the new College and Career Roadmap
The roadmap page gives a timeline of action items and helpful links by class year. It replaces the College Counseling website. Consult it and the links below often.

Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Saurine

College Reps at BCHS — Visiting a College Campus — College Fairs

College Reps at BCHS
College reps are visiting Bishop Chatard this fall. You can access the calendar of events through your Scoir account. Please register for the college visit in advance through Scoir so we can choose a space that will accommodate everyone.

College Visits

Nothing helps students and families more in the college search process than making an official college visit to schools of interest. Many college visits can take place on non-BCHS school days, but there are times when it is necessary to take a day off of school.

Colleges have admission counselors assigned to work with Bishop Chatard students; you should be able to determine our rep by going to the college’s website and clicking a link similar to “Find My Counselor.” This person is your resource and your advocate; utilize them! There are also opportunities to visit colleges through their virtual programs, which can be found on their websites.

Every senior should try to take advantage of the opportunity to visit a college when the underclassmen take the PSAT exam, in mid October. Seniors may choose to use additional days for college visits as needed.

College Visit Procedure
To make a physical visit to a college during a school day:

  1. Register in advance for the college on their website.
  2. Parents need to report the student’s absence on the day of the college visit via SafeArrival software.
  3. In order for the absence to be considered excused, upon return, the student must provide verification or your itinerary to the main office (Mrs. Fagan or Mr. Reilly), including the date, time and duration of the college visit that he or she has made.
  4. Students must be in good standing with a satisfactory attendance record and adhere to the guidelines regarding visits.
  5. If you need a pre-arranged absence form for an extended absence, see Mr. Reilly.

Why take advantage of these opportunities?

  1. Many colleges track students’ demonstrated interest. (If a student shows up at the high school meeting, it goes into the application record and can help chances of admission or scholarship. It is a reality of the admissions process these days.)
  2. This is a great chance for you to find out whether schools are a good fit for your academic statistics (GPA and test scores) and desired majors.
  3. These meetings help to make you aware of deadlines, special scholarships, and important information regarding your applications to your top choice schools.
  4. You will be able to expand your horizons to hear about some schools that you may not have previously considered.

College Fairs
There are several area College Fairs that will be helpful in learning more information about your colleges and universities of interest. Check the calendar on the School Counseling page.

October 11, 2023 is Campus Visit Day / SAT at BCHS day for seniors.
Admissions offices tend to receive many requests for campus visits on this day, so schedule your student’s visit early. (It is PSAT testing day for all other students.) The SAT will also be available to seniors who have yet to take the exam or wish to improve their score. (Another visit day is after the Living Rosary on Oct. 3, 2023.

College Financial Aid: FAFSA

FAFSA application is scheduled to open in December 2023. It is required for all Indiana families. It’s best to complete as soon as possible.

College Financial Aid Information Night: October 10, 2023
All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend this presentation during Progress Report Night, October 10, 2023 at BCHS.

Common Application

Common Application

Many colleges, but not all, accept the common application. Specific college websites will let you know; there is also a list of schools on the common app website. You complete the common application online, then send to as many schools as you like.

Application Dates

  • August 1, 2023: first day that seniors can submit applications and request transcripts.
  • August – October: watch for priority deadlines for university applications very carefully. Almost all universities, including IU and Purdue, have priority deadlines in the fall.
  • October 18, 2023: final request date for all E-transcripts, ESSR, and scholarship applications to be processed prior to November 1. You must also request test scores to be sent to each school directly from ACT/College Board.
  • May 1, 2023: National College Decision Day. You must submit a deposit to your school of choice to hold your spot in the incoming class.

SAT/ACT Tests & Score Submissions


All transcripts will be sent by BCHS through SCOIR. It is important that students move the college into the ‘Applying’ or ‘Applied’ column in the SCOIR ‘My Colleges’ list, so Mrs. Saurine will know to send a transcript.

Request Deadlines
October 18, 2023 is final request deadline for all E-transcripts, ESSR (Electronic Secondary School Report), and scholarship applications to be processed before November 1 deadlines. You must also request test scores to be sent to each school directly from ACT/College Board.

College Athletics Information

All athletes interested in playing sports in college need to register with the appropriate organizations.

Letters of Recommendation

After you contact your teacher about a letter of recommendation, request your letter of recommendation through SCOIR. Even though you are submitting your applications through Commom App, your letter of recommendation needs to processed through SCOIR.

Give those you’ve asked AT LEAST 2-3 WEEKS to write the letter of recommendation.