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The BCHS Christian Service Program


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Bishop Chatard students complete over 20,000 service hours per year. This is made possible through a robust Christian service program that provides a list of service agencies and occasional service excursions that allows students to participate in service that fit their unique interests.

The Bishop Chatard Campus Ministry Office tracks the number of service hours completed by each student. Students who go above and beyond their service goals are recognized at all-school assemblies.

2019/2020 Christian Service Program coordinators are BCHS teachers, Jeff and Jackie Bach. They can be contacted at (Jeff) or (Jackie). Community Service Day contact is Mr. Steven Patzke,

girls raking leavesThe goal of the Bishop Chatard Christian Service Program is to foster the development of empathy, awareness, social responsibility and Christian community. Our mission sends us into every kind of work, reminding us once again that the further we go in giving, the more we stand to receive.

“We come not only to serve the poor, but also to be with them.” Our concern for the dignity of every human being as God’s cherished child directs our attention to the disadvantaged.

Christian Service Program Objectives

  • Expose students to a variety of service opportunities so that they will discover their gifts and interests and remain committed to Christian service for life.
  • Enable students to work directly with disadvantaged populations (outreach) and to have a deeper appreciation of the dignity of all human persons.
  • Give students an opportunity to reflect on the message of Jesus Christ as it relates to their service experience and to make that message a permanent part of their lives.

Recognizing ‘Above and Beyond’ Service

St. Francis Assisi Award

Each month, at an all-school Mass, the St. Francis Assisi Award is presented to a student or staff member who is living out the mission of service.
Nominations can be submitted to Steven Patzke, Campus Ministry Director, at
Nomination form for the award.

St. Teresa of Calcutta Distinction

The St. Teresa of Calcutta Medallion is given to any student who has completed 75 hours or more of service during a given school year.

St. Lawrence Honor Cord

This honor cord is worn at graduation, signifying a senior who has completed 200+ hours (required and extracurricular) in their 4 years at Bishop Chatard. (Note: First students eligible for this award will be the members of the Class of 2018).

2019 -2020 Christian Service Program Requirements

Due to the health crisis, the service hour requirement for the 2019-2020 school year has been waived. All students will receive a ‘C’ (C = complete) on their final grade report. View updated information

Freshmen New for 2019/20

Jesus began his service at home with the Holy Family, and our freshmen begin their journey in the same way. Each first-year student forms an intentional relationship with a member of their immediate family and serves with that individual in a meaningful way for a minimum of 10 hours. Projects range from tutoring a sibling to helping a parent/guardian with a long-neglected home improvement project. The goal is to encourage students to talk with their family members- sharing about their daily lives, hopes, and struggles.
Read more about Freshman service requirements

>>Read an overview of the Service Program for the Class of 2023


  • Participate in Community Service Day
  • Complete 15 hours of service, 3 hours of which must be OUTREACH


  • Participate in Community Service Day
  • Complete 15 hours of service, 6 hours of which must be OUTREACH


  • Participate in Community Service Day
  • Complete 15 hours of service, 10 hours of which must be OUTREACH
Welcome to the BCHS Christian Service Program (pdf) View our list of approved agencies and agency details for upperclassmen


Community Service Day -- March 20, 2020

student digging in garden on service day On this day, the entire Bishop Chatard community – students, faculty and support staff – spend the day in service to others throughout the Indianapolis area. Many agencies, churches, and schools benefit from our work and look forward to having us back each year.

Community Service Day 2020 has been canceled due to the health crisis.


Any extra hours for all grade levels (to be considered for year-end awards, and other levels of distinction – St. Teresa of Calcutta Distinction for 75 hours over the course of the school year and the St. Lawrence Honor Cord for seniors that have completed 200+ hours of service over the course of their high school career) should be submitted via Mobile Serve on or before May 1. The Mobile Serve app will be closed down for the 2019-2020 school year at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 1, 2020.


How to Check on Reported Hour Acceptance and Verification

Students can verify their submitted hours have been accepted and verified by doing the following on the MobileServe app:

  1. Open the MobileServe app and click on the “Activity” button on the left.
  2. If a submission has a green check on the right, it has been verified and accepted.
  3. If a submission has a red X, the student can open the page, edit as needed, and re-submit if needed.
  4. Note: Please turn ON notifications in MobileServe

Failure to complete the required hours

Failure to complete the required number of service/outreach hours will not impact GPA. However, it will result in the student earning an Incomplete, which will be recorded on the permanent record of the student, including report cards and cumulative final transcript.

More Information

Information about service can also be found in Canvas, in the student course: ‘Service Program.’

All outreach is service, but not all service is outreach.

SERVICE is any type of work we do, outside of our normal responsibilities, to benefit others while receiving no pay or other benefit ourselves.

Service involves:

  • Assisting an approved church, school or non-profit organization in fulfilling its mission. (Note: this might involve person-to-person contact, but not with those who would be considered disadvantaged.)
  • Working with an approved organization to benefit the disadvantaged, but with no person-to-person contact.

OUTREACH is service during which we have direct, person-to-person contact with the disadvantaged.

Ourtreach involves:

  • Working with an approved agency to engage in person-to-person contact with the poor, the homeless, the marginalized, the institutionalized, elderly outside the family or any other socially or economically disadvantaged group.
View our Outreach Opportunity Calendar

Service vs Outreach Examples

  • Service: Working at St. Vincent de Paul warehouse by sweeping the floors or stocking shelves.
  • Outreach: Working at St. Vincent de Paul warehouse, helping clients choose the food and supplies they want, and helping them load them in the car.
  • Service: Working at one of the BCHS summer athletic camps.
  • Outreach: Working at a summer camp for disadvantaged youth at a place such as Miracle Place or St. Mary’s Center.
Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors service must include outreach hours as well as service hours.

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