Transfer Students

Transfer Student Information

Bishop Chatard High School welcomes transfer students. Each student requesting to transfer will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Applications for the Fall Semester 2022 are due by April 1, 2022.

Admission Criteria

Bishop Chatard accepts transfer students provided:

  1. The student is not entering his or her senior year unless he or she is moving into the area from outside Indianapolis, the school he or she was attending closed, or another valid reason as determined by the admissions committee and approved by the principal.
  2. The student was not dismissed from his or her previous school for major disciplinary reasons.
  3. The parents do not have outstanding financial obligations to the student’s previous school.
  4. Parents agree to request a copy of the student’s full disciplinary record from the previous school and, along with the student, meet with the Director of School Counseling, Vice Principal of Academics, and the Vice President of Institutional Advancement for an interview.
  5. Parents agree to have the student tested for substance abuse prior to admission to Bishop Chatard.

Application Process

Application to Bishop Chatard requires completion of the online application and the submission of required documents. After we receive all documents, we will contact you for the next step in the process.

The required documents below can be uploaded while filling out the online application:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. A copy of unofficial transcript
  3. A list of current courses & grades, if applicable
  4. A letter of recommendation from his/her current or most recent administrator and/or counselor
  5. A student statement, in his/her own handwriting, detailing the reasons why he/she wishes to transfer to Bishop Chatard High School.
  6. Release of Official Transcript Form**
  7. Student Drug Testing Permission Form**.

    A drug screening is required. The cost of this is covered by the applicant. An admissions decision is pending until drug testing results are received.

    >>Read the BCHS Drug & Alcohol Policy, Section 7 in the student handbook

  8. If applying for academic support: most recent ISP, IEP, CSEP or 504 and psycho-educational testing results

**These forms need to be printed, completed, signed and then either submitted electronically through the online application or mailed to Bishop Chatard High School, ATTN: Enrollment, 5885 Crittenden Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

The following document needs to be completed and turned in to your student’s CURRENT school. That school will then complete the form and return it to BCHS.

  1. Applications will be made through our PowerSchool Enrollment software. You will need to create a new PowerSchool account, even if you already have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account at another school or at Bishop Chatard.
  2. Once you click ‘Submit’ in the online portal, edits or additions to the application can only be made by contacting the Enrollment Department.
  3. The application can be submitted without the required documents, but the application is not complete until all required documents have been received. If you submit an application without the necessary documents, the software will email you about the missing documents and next steps you need to take.
  4. If you don’t have an electronic copy of a document, paper copies can be mailed to Bishop Chatard High School, Attn: Enrollment Office, 5885 Crittenden Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220
Apply Online here

Financial Aid Application, if desired

An optional financial aid application can be filled out separately. Deadline for the application to be included in the pool considered for BCHS 2022-23 financial aid awards is Dec. 13, 2021.
>> Go to financial aid information.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Aruta, Enrollment Manager, at or phone 317-251-1451, Ext. 2234.

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