PSAT Scores are in!

Students in grades 9-11 who took the PSAT in October 2022 are now able to view their scores. To see your scores, login to your Collegeboard account.

If you do not have a Collegeboard account, please follow these steps to make one:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the sign in button towards the top right and, just below that, is the “create an account” link to start the process.
  3. While creating your account, click “student” to create a student account
  4. Fill in the required information.
    *Be sure to use a personal email for your account. DO NOT use your Bishop Chatard email*

PSAT test booklets will be handed out during seminar on December 8. These booklets are a great study tool for any PSAT or SAT related testing. Please bring the booklets home to share with your parents/guardians.

Faculty and staff recognize co-workers for exemplifying our 4 pillars: faith, learning, leadership and service. Ms. Schroeder was one of many recognized for leadership. Thanks, Ms. Schroeder, for all you do!…

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