Uniform Information

The BCHS dress code is based on our belief that students should present an image that reflects a sense of pride in themselves, their families, and their school. Our dress code is a reminder that clothing can be simple and uniform and the real worth of the individual is not in the clothing, but in what he or she accomplishes with the gifts God has given.

Purchasing Uniform Pants/Shorts and Shirts

Schoolbelles is located at 6315 N Keystone Ave., just north of Glendale and past Chick-fil-A. Parents can also shop online or by calling 888-637-3037! Parents are encouraged to register online to receive direct notifications of future sales and promotions. Shipping is free.
(Note: BCHS’s Schoolbelle website code is S1664.)
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Purchasing Uniform Sweatshirts

A royal blue quarter-zip or gray crew neck uniform sweatshirt with the BCHS crest are the only approved sweatshirts. These are available ONLY through the Bishop Chatard Spirit Shop or the online BCHS Spirit Shop.

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Uniform Dress Code

From the Student Handbook, July 2023

  1. Shorts/pants: Schoolbelles khaki shorts or pants with either “BC” or the cross and miter embroidered on the front pocket. Students are permitted to wear shorts year round. Shorts may not be altered to be more than two inches above the knee and may not be rolled.
  2. Polos: Schoolbelles royal blue or white uniform polo with the school crest embroidered on the left side of the front of the shirt.
  3. Shoes: Gym shoes, closed toe, or casual shoes are required. No sandals or any type of open-toed shoe are allowed. Crocs are permitted. Birkenstocks or slides are not permitted.
  4. Sweatshirts: The royal blue quarter-zip uniform sweatshirt or the gray crew neck uniform sweatshirt with the BCHS crest are the only approved sweatshirts. These are available ONLY through the BCHS Spirit Shoppe. The royal blue quarter-zip uniform sweatshirt or gray crew neck uniform sweatshirt may be worn as a uniform item without a SchoolBelles royal blue or white uniform polo. Any student wearing outer garments that are not uniform approved will be given a uniform detention.
  5. Physical Education Classes:
    Students receive their Physical Education Class uniforms (t-shirt and gym shorts) during the first week of school in P.E. class. The cost of the uniform is included in tuition. If they are lost, there is a $30 replacement fee.

View Section 11 of the Student Handbook for special dress days

General Dress Code

  1. The uniform is in effect for all school days and any field trip outside the school that occurs on school days. Expectations for Senior Dress Up Days and/or School Dress Up Days can be found in the handbook.
    Friday Spirit Days: To promote school spirit or celebrate events during the school year, Fridays are designated as spirit days on which students may wear any Bishop Chatard shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt with uniform pants or shorts. Hoodies are not permitted.
  2. Uniforms must fit appropriately and should be in good repair and kept clean. Pants may not sag. Uniform clothing cannot be written on or torn.
  3. A school uniform sweatshirt is the only sweatshirt that may be worn during the school day. Students are not allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts.
  4. Jewelry must be modest and not a distraction. Eyebrow, nose, lip, cheek, chin, or tongue piercings are unacceptable and not considered modest.
  5. Hair may be kept long if it is neat and well-groomed. Male students are to be clean-shaven. If male students come to school with facial hair they will be instructed to shave immediately. For sanitary purposes they will be given an unused disposable razor.
  6. Students’ general appearance and students’ general hygiene should be appropriate for a Catholic high school. This includes, but is not limited to: makeup, hair color and style, and hair cleanliness and presentation. Students are expected to wear and manage their clothing and appearance in such a manner that does not disrupt the educational setting, interfere with health or safety, or promote vulgarity or discriminatory messages. If such appearances are considered disruptive to the educational environment or mission, the administration reserves the right to address the situation and enforce consequences as necessary.