FACTS & Tuition, Voucher & Aid Applications

Please read this important information with action items needed for applications for vouchers, payment plans, and more.

  1. Payment Plan Setup – If you haven’t set this up, do so immediately.
    Every family needs to setup their payment plan through our FACTS software. If you are new to BCHS and have not yet set up your payment plan, you must do so immediately.

  2. Indiana School Choice Scholarships (Vouchers) – Application time is running out
    If you need financial assistance or think you qualify for a state choice voucher, you are running out of time to apply. We need to do voucher paperwork as soon as possible in order to complete it timely. To apply, please use the link above for FACTS to submit an application. Please note, you will need to upload your entire 2021 federal tax return to your application. This means all pages, forms and schedules that are a part of your return.
  3. Applied and expecting a voucher – check emails for required signatures
    If you have already applied for aid and are also expecting a voucher, make sure to check your email for the paperwork to sign. It will come from AdobeSign; check your spam folder as well.
  4. We are asking that all financial aid and voucher paperwork be completed before the students return to school on August 9 so it is imperative that you take care of this, if you have not already done so.

The process of changing our billing system has been difficult for all of us and we appreciate your patience as we work our way through.
Enjoy your last days of summer break and contact us if you need anything!

Christa Wynk cwynk@bishopchatard.org
Karen Feeney kfeeney@bishopchatard.org
Nancy Meiner nmeiner@bishopchatard.org

Visit the FACTS Info page for FACTS software instructions.

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