Indiana School Choice Scholarships

Indiana School Choice Scholarship Program (Vouchers)

Indiana Department of Education

The Indiana School Choice Scholarship Program (often referred to as ‘vouchers’) is public money awarded to eligible Hoosier students to use toward private school tuition. Bishop Chatard is certified to participate in this program.

Award Amount

Below are the 2021-22 Indiana State Choice Scholarship amounts that each qualified student will receive within our most populated townships. These amounts can fluctuate slightly from year to year.

Township Choice Scholarship Amount
Indianapolis Public Schools $6,534
Washington Township $5,826
Lawrence Township $5,924
Pike Township $5,896


For a student to be eligible, they must:

  1. Live in Indiana
  2. Meet family income guidelines
  3. Satisfy at least one of the pathways

Income Eligibility

The income qualifications for receiving an Indiana Choice Scholarship have expanded, beginning with the 2021-22 school year.  Income must be lower than the levels listed below per household to be eligible. In general, the Adjusted Gross Income (line 11 of your Federal 1040 tax return) shows the eligible income.

Household Size Income Eligibility
2 $96,681
3 $121,878
4 $147,075
5 $172,272
6 $197,469
Household Size Income Eligibility
7 $222,666
8 $247,863
9 $273,060
10 $298,257

Pathway Eligibility

In addition to meeting the income qualifications above, the student must then meet ONE of the following student eligibility criteria referred to as “pathways” or “tracks”:

  1. Previous Tax Credit Scholarship (TCS through a SGO) Track – The student received a TCS in any previous school year. (Income eligibility guidelines for this scholarship are the same as the Choice Scholarship. Explore the TCS scholarship) -OR-
  2. Two Semesters in a Public School Track – The student attended an Indiana K-12 public school (including a charter) for at least the last two semesters – OR-
  3. Sibling Track – A sibling of the student received either a Indiana School Choice Scholarship or a TCS in any previous school year. – OR-
  4. Special Education Track – The student has special needs (identified as an IEP/ISP) – OR-
  5. “F” Public School Track – The student would be required to attend a specific public school based on his/her residency that that has been assigned an “F” grade. (However, he or she is not required to attend that public school before becoming eligible nor return to that school should the grade be raised). – OR-
  6. Foster Care Track – The student is in foster care.

Application Process

  • Applications are always made through Bishop Chatard and begin in the summer before the school year that aid is needed.
  • You must be an accepted student of BCHS to begin the application process.
  • If you currently receive direct BCHS financial aid, you are required to apply for an Indiana School Choice Scholarship.
  • Families new to BCHS who want to apply will need to make a summer Financial Aid Appointment with the BCHS Business Office to begin the application process.
  • Watch this space and your emails in late spring for specific application procedures.


  • Contact Dan Thompson, Director of Business at or Karen Feeney, Tuition Manager, at

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