Indiana Voucher Program

Indiana Department of Education

The Indiana Voucher Program is public money awarded to eligible Hoosier students to use toward private school tuition. It is also referred to as Indiana Choice Scholarships. Bishop Chatard is certified to participate in this program.

  • If you receive BCHS financial aid, you are required to apply to the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program.
  • Applications are always made through the school.
  • You must be an accepted student of BCHS to begin the application process.


To be eligible for the Choice Scholarship Program as a Bishop Chatard student, the student must:

  1. Be accepted into Bishop Chatard High School
  2. Be a legal resident of Indiana
  3. Meet the household income limits for the program

View Voucher Income Guidelines and further information

A student must also qualify for ONE of the following 7 pathways. The student:

  1. Continuing Choice Pathway: Student must have received a Choice Scholarship in the school year that immediately precedes the school year for which he/she is applying for a Choice Scholarship; AND have remained enrolled at a participating Choice Scholarship school for the entirety of the immediately preceding school year. –OR–
  2. Previous Choice Pathway: Student must have received a Choice Scholarship in a school year that does not immediately precede the school year for which the student is applying for Choice Scholarship; OR have received a Choice Scholarship in the immediately preceding school year but the student exited the Choice Scholarship school prior to the end of the school year. –OR–
  3. was enrolled in a public school for the previous 2 semesters –OR–
  4. received a Tax Credit Scholarship (SGO) from a participating SGO anytime in their academic life –OR–
  5. has a sibling who received a voucher or Tax Credit Scholarship (SGO) in a previous year –OR–
  6. has special needs (identified as an IEP/ISP) –OR–
  7. is assigned to a failing public school
The State of Indiana Department of Education website, www.doe.in.gov, has the official and most up-to-date information on the Indiana Choice Scholarship program.

Application Process

  • Applications for vouchers are made exclusively through the school.
  • You do not have to apply with FACTS to apply for a voucher.

All applications begin through Bishop Chatard’s Business Office. You will need to schedule a Financial Aid Appointment with the Business/Tuition office to start the process. The completed application will then be submitted by Bishop Chatard to the program.
Scheduling is now open for these appointments from May to August 6, 2020.

Schedule Your 2020/21 Financial Aid Appointment


If you have questions about eligibility or the application procedure, please contact any of the following:

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