Trobotics Team at the 2021 State Championship!

Congratulations Coach Pritts and our TROBOTICS/Robotics team for finishing up their regular season on Saturday. Special shout-out to the team of junior Sam Bush and senior Renee Jessee who qualified their robot for the State Championship on March 6!

The state championship format is three 60-second runs of driver control and three 60-second runs of completely autonomous control. The top scores of each category are added together for a total score.

Down to her last autonomous trial, programmer Renee Jessee initialized the robot and it ran the best run of the season, using a pair of vision sensors to “see” objects on the field, pick them up, “see” the goal and score them.

Then, down to his last driver trial, driver Sam Bush executed a superb run scoring 8/9 towers in 60 seconds, best of the day. Their total score topped their previous best.

The duo placed 33rd overall in the state. Congratulations to the team!

Read an article about the team in, the school’s student-run news-site.

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