Trinity Club

What is the Trinity Club?

The Bishop Chatard Trinity Club is the original parent organization at BCHS still going strong today. Engagement in the Trinity Club enables parents to stay actively involved in the lives of students and the Bishop Chatard School community. In the process, friendships are made and bonds are created that will last well beyond your children’s high school years!

The Trinity Club Mission

Trinity Club strives to model the relationship of parent-school-student on that of the Father-Son-Spirit, the very foundation of our faith. This is accomplished though the three pillars of Service-Connection-Prayer. Participation in the Trinity Club provides an invaluable resource to our students and community.

Every parent is already a member of Trinity Club! Simply by being a parent or guardian, you are a member!

How to become involved

  • Watch the Weekly Parent Newsletter and this website for updates and information on current or future events. Gatherings may be social, educational or spiritual in nature.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Volunteer: Volunteers are always welcome and many opportunities are available to utilize your time and talent. Use the form below to tell us what you may be interested in, and we’ll contact you as the date approaches to see if you are able to help! There is also a “contact if needed” option if you would like to be kept up to date on all needs and want to pick and choose what works in your schedule. You will be asked to “re-register” every year to update your info and check your desired interests.
Volunteer Form
For the safety and well-being of all students, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis has instituted safety protocols by which all employees and volunteers of its Catholic schools must abide. All adults who will be volunteering in any Bishop Chatard activity at which students are present are required to participate in the Safe and Sacred online safety training program. Please complete the Safe and Sacred Training program before you volunteer. 

If you have completed this program at your parish, you don’t need to complete it again. We will receive notification from the Archdiocese if you list BCHS as a primary or secondary institution when you take the test, or you may email Deacon Rick Wagner at to let him know you’ve already taken it. You will also be able to download a certificate of completion.

This program is online, taking about 45 minutes to complete. The program can be accessed the following link:

Contact Trinity Club

The 2019/2020 Trinity Club leadership team consists of Jenny Forsee, Ann Kellison (Chair),
Maria Knight, Dawn Koers, Jennifer Priser and Amy Treida.

Contact the leaders at

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