Retreats: Seniors

Christian Awakening Retreat

The Senior Christian Awakening retreat is a three and one-half day retreat experience. This retreat allows seniors time to reflect on their relationship with themselves, others and God. It is a spiritual highlight of a student’s four years at BCHS and the culmination of the high school retreat experience. The details of the retreat are kept confidential so as to maximize the experience for each senior. It is a significant point in the lives of these young men and women.

Any help with keeping details of the retreat quiet from other seniors, younger siblings and younger students is greatly appreciated.

The retreat is offered on several dates throughout the course of the senior year to accommodate busy schedules. The Senior Christian Awakening retreat is a worthwhile experience, and the faculty and staff of BCHS encourage all seniors to take advantage of the opportunity to attend.

There will be 5 retreat dates available for the Class of 2020: October 22-25, November 5-8; January 14-17, February 18-21 and March 10-13.

Parental Permission Forms are due one week before the retreat

Online Permission Form

— or — Paper Version

Where and When

Senior retreats begin on Tuesday at 5:15 p.m. and end on Friday around 5 p.m. Retreats are held at Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House, 5353 E 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46226, 317- 545-7681.


The school subsidizes the overall cost of this retreat, but the retreat involves more extensive room and board costs because of the length of time spent at Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House. For the Class of 2020, the retreat fee is $250. The fee will automatically be included in your tuition payment account.

Financial Aid

We do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to participate because of financial concerns. If a parent needs help with the cost, please contact Steven Patzke, Director of Campus Ministry at Your request will be held in strict confidence.

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