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The passion scene during Way of the Cross at BCHSAs a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, bringing our students to know, love, and serve God is our mission. Campus Ministry is responsible for forming BCHS students, faculty and staff to share their faith and gifts and contribute to Christian community at Bishop Chatard. Our programs are designed to lead students toward the person of Jesus Christ.

Everything we do is directed towards the faith formation of our students, giving them the foundation in faith they need to grow into adult believers when they graduate from Chatard.

The Campus Ministry Department offers diverse opportunities for faith formation by providing weekly Mass, daily prayer, retreats, Christian service opportunities, and individual pastoral guidance for students and faculty. All students, their families, and our faculty and staff have roles to play in the community’s spiritual growth.

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A natural outcome of faith formation – liturgy, retreats, and service – is the development of Christian leaders. Students see the value in what they have experienced and step forward to pass it on to the younger students, truly building the Body of Christ. Students play an integral part of all campus ministry activities, especially the school’s liturgical events. In addition, a core team of juniors and seniors are trained to serve as team members for the underclass retreats. There are many opportunities to serve and lead as Christ did.

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Christian Service

girl wiping cabinetsChristians are called to model our lives on the life of Jesus. We serve others as Jesus served those around him, humbly and sacrificially. Jesus healed, comforted, fed, and served people in need. Not only that, he also called them his friends, and stood up against the injustice that led to their poverty. Christians are called to imitate Him in this way.

The Christian Service Program is modeled on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Each grade level participates in a different area of service, with juniors and seniors specifically focusing on one of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Christian Service Immersion trips are offered as an additional way to enter into service. Simple living, community prayer and work, and daily reflection make up a Christian Service Immersion experience. In serving marginalized communities in our own city or outside of it, students continue to imitate Christ. Students are accompanied by staff chaperones.

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Student praying in front of the altarBishop Chatard’s Retreat Program is designed to enable students at every grade level to reflect on God’s presence in their everyday lives and how they might bring God’s love to others through discipleship. The retreats allow each student an opportunity to connect their knowledge of faith and Christian values with actual life experience. The goal of each retreat is to bring the students into a deeper relationship with Christ, give them an opportunity to connect with their classmates, and have fun.

Freshmen attend a day of reflection during the school day, while sophomores attend a one-day retreat experience off campus. Juniors have the opportunity to attend overnight retreats separated by gender.The retreat program culminates with the Christian Awakening Retreat, an extended retreat experience that occurs during senior year.

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Vocations Interview Panel

This video, moderated by Joel Kelley, Associate Diretory of Campus Ministry, was created for the 2020 National Vocations Awareness Week.

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The Archdiocese of Indianapolis offers an array of young adult ministry, college ministry, and numerous events throughout the year for those ages 18-25. See more at:

Resources for families

As tragic deaths happen around us, whether close by to people we know or in the world at large, we wonder how to make sense of the sorrow and loss. Youth especially often struggle to handle sadness they have or to console those they know who are feeling the loss deeply.

We offer these resources below as a starting place for any parent to recognize suffering and guide their child in coping with their feelings or depression.

If you, as a parent or student, have any concern or questions, please do not hesitate to contact someone at the school who you feel comfortable with. Anyone in the Campus Ministry department, the Guidance Department, a close teacher or administrator at BCHS will be more than happy to guide you. Other parents may also be a help.

Depression and Suicide Resources

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