Retreats: Sophomores

Men & Women of God

The Men of God and Women of God retreat creates the space for sophomores to ask, “Who is God calling me to be?”, exploring the idea of vocation and God’s call.

These gender-specific retreats will take place concurrently from Thursday evening into Friday afternoon (they will spend one night and miss one academic day) with one retreat opportunity in September and one in April. These retreats will be run by seniors on the Retreat Team.

Girls in gazebo on retreat


2021-2022 Retreat Dates and Rosters

  • Sophomore Retreat #1: September 22-23, 2022
  • Sophomore Retreat #2: April 20-21, 2023

Details and rosters will be posted as they become available.


  • Where:Camp Allendale, Trafalgar, IN
  • When: Consult the rosters below to find your assigned date
  • How long: The retreat starts at 7:30 a.m at BCHS. Students will take a bus to and from Camp Allendale. They will return to BCHS around 9:00 p.m.
  • What to bring: Comfortable and modest athletic clothes (nothing too short, tight, or revealing); gym shoes; a light jacket; a refillable WATER BOTTLE
  • A completed Parent Permission Form is required to attend. Forms are due the Wednesday before each retreat.
Permission Form

Retreat Rosters

(Note: You should see 3 columns of rosters below. If you don’t, scroll to the right to see the third.)

Permission Form

Questions? Email Joel Kelly at

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