Tax Credit Scholarships

Tax Credit Scholarships (TCS)

Institute For Quality Education LogoTax Credit Scholarships (TCS) are awarded to income qualified Bishop Chatard students and are funded by Bishop Chatard benefactors through a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO).


Any student who lives in Indiana, is currently attending or applying to a K-12 non-public school and meets income guidelines is eligible.

Income Qualifications

For the 2023-24 school year, income must be lower than the levels listed below per household to be eligible. In general, the Adjusted Gross Income (line 11 of your 2022 Federal 1040 tax return) shows the eligible income.

Household Size Income Eligibility
1 $107,892
2 $145,928
3 $183,964
4 $222,000
5 $260,036
Household Size Income Eligibility
6 $298,072
7 $336,108
8 $374,144
9 $412,180
10 $450,216

Award Amount

Tax Credit Scholarships do not have a pre-determined award amount. The actual amount awarded for each scholarship is based on family need and limited to the amount available in the Bishop Chatard Tax Credit Scholarship fund.

Application Details

  • A separate application is needed for each student in a family.
  • Families must apply via FACTS to be eligible for a Tax Credit Scholarship.
  • If a student receives direct BCHS financial aid and an Indiana School Choice Scholarship, he/she MUST apply for a Tax Credit Scholarship.
  • Not all students who receive an Indiana School Choice Scholarship will be awarded a Tax Credit Scholarship.
  • Applications begin and are processed by the BCHS business office in May- August.


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