Tuition Schedule


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2022/2023 Tuition and Fees

Category One Student Two Students Three or more Students
Archdiocesan Rate (a) $10,690 $19,530 $24,645
Non-Archdiocesan Rate $13,815 $25,780 $34,020
Other Fees:
Capital Assessment (b) $550 (per family)
Book & Technology Fee $450 (per student)
Freshmen/New Student One Time iPad Fee $100
Senior Graduation Fee for Class of 2022 & 2023 $150
Senior Retreat Fee $250
Junior or Sophomore Retreat Fee $125
Freshman Retreat Fee $65
AP Fee $95 per class
Art Fee $20 per class
Discounts :
New for 2023/24 Early Pay Discount (pay by July 15, 2023) 5% with a maximum of $200/family
Archdiocesan Full-Time Employee Discount (c) $2,672.50
Textbook Assistance Credit
(If qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch)
  • The Archdiocesan Rate is for families that qualify as participating members in one of the Indianapolis archdiocesan parishes. We send a listing to the archdiocesan parishes of families that attend Bishop Chatard for the verification of their parish affiliation. Each parish has their own criteria for parishioner verification and Bishop Chatard has no influence over the parish decision.
  • The capital assessment fee is a per-family fee, no matter how many siblings attend the school. The capital assessment is designed to provide funds for major building and/or renovation projects, and is part of the non-refundable deposit made at the time of registration.
  • If the person responsible for paying a student’s tuition is a full time employee in any archdiocesan parish, then he or she is allowed one discount of 25% of the single Archdiocesan tuition rate (not including all other fees) per family. Eligibility must be verified annually using the Employee Verification Form.
    Download Current Employee Verification Form

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