Tuition and Payment


How to make tuition payments


  • Viewing Your Statement
    Tuition charges / credits and payment plans can be found in your FACTS account for the family, after the account moves from ‘Pending’ to ‘Active’ (late June). This includes financial aid, discounts, scholarships and voucher payments.
    You will receive an email via the FACTS software when your account moves from Pending to Active to let you know the information has been updated there.


  • Setup your payment schedule in your FACTS account.
  • Any changes to your FACTS payment schedule must be made:
    • Via email to Tuition Manager Karen Feeney at – and –
    • 2 – 3 business days prior to the payment date you need adjusted. The BCHS Business Office will need 2 – 3 business days to make the adjustment to a payment before it rolls to your financial institution.

Tech Tips

  • Payments made through FACTS can be via credit card (convenience fee added) or automatic bank draft.
  • Because we use FACTS for both financial aid applications and for our payment plans, one BCHS FACTS username and password will work for both.
  • If you’ve had a FACTS account from another school, you need to use the BCHS FACTS link (button below) to create an account for BCHS. You can, however, use the username and password from another account in the BCHS FACTS link.
  • If you are a returning BCHS FACTS user and log in see “Pending” in your profile, this means you already have a payment plan set up from prior year and you are ready to receive your tuition billing via FACTS. You will receive an emails from the FACTS system when your account is changed to ‘Active’.
Set Up Payment Plan via BCHS FACTS


2022/2023 Tuition and Fees

Category One Student Two Students Three or more Students
Archdiocesan Rate (a) $10,690 $19,530 $24,645
Non-Archdiocesan Rate $13,815 $25,780 $34,020
Other Fees:
Capital Assessment (b) $550 (per family)
Book & Technology Fee $450 (per student)
Freshmen/New Student One Time iPad Fee $100
Senior Graduation Fee for Class of 2022 & 2023 $150
Senior Retreat Fee $250
Junior or Sophomore Retreat Fee $125
Freshman Retreat Fee $65
AP Fee $95 per class
Art Fee $20 per class
Discounts :
Discount for paying (FACTS, cash or check ) by July 1, 2022 $200
Archdiocesan Full-Time Employee Discount (c) $2,672.50
Textbook Assistance Credit
(If qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch)
  • The Archdiocesan Rate is for families that qualify as participating members in one of the Indianapolis archdiocesan parishes. We send a listing to the archdiocesan parishes of families that attend Bishop Chatard for the verification of their parish affiliation. Each parish has their own criteria for parishioner verification and Bishop Chatard has no influence over the parish decision.
  • The capital assessment fee is a per-family fee, no matter how many siblings attend the school. The capital assessment is designed to provide funds for major building and/or renovation projects, and is part of the non-refundable deposit made at the time of registration.
  • If the person responsible for paying a student’s tuition is a full time employee in any archdiocesan parish, then he or she is allowed one discount of 25% of the single Archdiocesan tuition rate (not including all other fees) per family. Eligibility must be verified annually using the Employee Verification Form.
    Download Current Employee Verification Form

Updated February 2022

  1. FACTS Payment System:
    By enrolling in the FACTS payment system, the custodial parent(s) agree that they have read and understood the tuition, fees, and policies, and agree to make all payments by the stated due date. Once an account becomes 60 days past due, the president may withdraw the student from the school until the balance is paid or some financial arrangement is made with the director of business operations.
  2. Tuition Payment Agreement and Registration:
    No student is officially registered for 2022-2023 school year until a a registration payment agreement has been submitted (either via FACTS, cash, check or email approval through the Tuition Manager) and all prior year tuition and fees have been paid or an approved payment plan with the business office is in place.
  3. Tuition Deposit:
    A tuition deposit is paid at the time of registration; for 2022-2023 this deposit is due no later than February 25, 2022. This deposit is considered to be non-refundable at that time. The deposit is credited to the tuition bill and is not an additional charge.
  4. Delinquent Payments:
    Tuition payment is required to be kept current. Students with past due tuition balances will not be allowed to sit for their semester exams. All final transcripts and diplomas will be withheld until balances are paid in full.
  5. Refunds:
    Refunds due to withdrawal of the student are made only on tuition and are prorated on a quarterly basis. After the first two weeks of classes in any quarter, tuition is charged for the entire quarter. There is no refund of the capital assessment.
  6. Collection Proceedings:
    Bishop Chatard High School reserves the right to retain all available methods for collections including the use of collection agencies. In the event collection proceedings become necessary, the parent will be responsible for attorney fees, court cost and interest. Any tuition and fees that are placed in bankruptcy may result in the dismissal of the student unless reaffirmation of payment is made to the school.
  7. Custodial Parents and Payment:
    In cases where both the custodial and non-custodial parent(s) are responsible for educational costs for a student, Bishop Chatard will bill only the custodial parent(s). Any ‘split’ of these expenses must be arranged between the parents.
  8. Graduation Fee:
    A non-refundable graduation fee of $150 is charged for each student in the senior class.
  9. Retreat Fees:
    The Campus Ministry Retreat Fees are now included in the tuition statement. Any questions regarding these fees, please contact the Campus Ministry Office.
  10. iPads:
    iPads are the property of Bishop Chatard High School until the student graduates from Bishop Chatard. Upon graduation, the iPad will become theirs.
  11. Tuition and Unusual Circumstances:
    Once the school year has begun, a family may experience the loss of a job or a catastrophic illness that makes it impossible to sustain payments as they were established. In order to prevent the withdrawal of a student(s) from the school for that year because of these new circumstances, the parents must contact the Business Office for more information.

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